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Adam S. Tracy is a seasoned risk consultant focusing exclusively on the compliance, legal and operational needs of traditional high risk industries. Unlike traditional law or technology consulting firms, he creates holisitic risk-based solutions that enhance the core of each business and business process. With over twenty years of cross-disciplinary experience in high risk industries, Adam Tracy is unique among his peers and proves invaluable to his clients. The nature of traditional high risk industry requires a trusted and experienced risk consultant to successfully navigate the often hyper-complex regulatory and operational challenges faced by businesses.

Our Expertise

Adam S. Tracy is an Expert in a Wide Range of High Risk Industries, including:

affiliate market consultant

Affiliate Marketing

The online affiliate marketing industry is a virtual minefield of unforeseen legal…

cannabis consultant


High risk industry consultant Adam S. Tracy represent entrepreneurs…

cryptocurrency consultant


While blockchain-based applications continue to emerge, the technology…

ecommerce lawyer


Individuals and businesses engaged in eCommerce face a fragmented…

gambling consultant


The myriad of statutes and regulations governing online gaming and sweepstakes…

nutraceutical consultant


Nutritional supplements, or nutraceuticals, refer to dietary or herbal-bases…

payments consultant


The introduction of FinTech at the core of the payments industry has…

telemarketing consultant


Telemarketing industry expert Adam S. Tracy represents telemarketers…

Frequently Asked Questions

Adam Tracy’s base of operations is located in Los Angeles, California.

Adam S. Tracy offers a global reach, with a local feel. While a small majority of his clients are located within North America, he routinely partners and works with clients from across the globe – including the European Union, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Adam Tracy has nearly 20 years experience advising clients in high risk industries, including blockchain/cryptocurrency, ecommerce, cannabis, telemarketing, gaming, and payments, among other areas.

Adam Tracy provides compliance, financial and operational solutions to individuals and entities in traditional high risk industries.

Yes, we have an established network of high risk banking and payment service providers that we are able to introduce clients to.

Adam Tracy structures each client engagement based on each client’s preference. This includes hourly, fixed fee and in some instances, equity arrangements.


Adam Tracy Revisits Airdrops & Bounties

Cryptocurrency attorney Adam Tracy revisits the legalities of airdrops and bounties used in connection with Initial Coin Offerings and discusses the legal implications of Security Token Offerings.

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Adam Tracy Explains the Use of South Dakota Trusts in Crypto

Blockchain attorney and advisor Adam S. Tracy explains the use of South Dakota trusts with respect coins, tokens and initial coin offerings.

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Adam Tracy Explains Initial Exchange Offerings

Cryptocurrency expert Adam S. Tracy explains the mechanics and legality of Initial Exchange Offerings and how they can be used in connection with Initial Coin Offerings.

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