Adam Tracy Explains Bitcoin Swaps

Adam S. Tracy Discusses the Legalities of Bitcoin Swaps

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, Bitcoin, the Futures are gaining acceptance. You start to see, starting to see the volume for Bitcoin Futures go up. And you see a lot more groups such as, like, LedgerX attempting to become fervor participants in Bitcoin Futures and Bitcoin commodities. But one commodity that is a huge part of the […]

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Adam S. Tracy Explains the Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License

Adam S. Tracy Discusses the Vanuatu Securities License & Cryptocurrency

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, Vanuatu, after long dismissing crypto, uh, for in its financial services realm, has finally allowed a crypto based broker dealer to, uh, become licensed, and that’s significant for a number of reasons. One, Vanuatu’s always been sort of this, um, solid offshore financial services destination. And the financial dealers license that, […]

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Adam S. Tracy Discusses Bitcoin Hedge Funds & Commodity Pool Registration

Adam Tracy Explains Commodity Pool Registration Requirements for Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, lost in the debate over the Bitcoin ETF is the true legal status of Bitcoin. Right? And the SCC has garnered… There’s been a lotta discussion and dialogue regarding the SCC’s action in not allowing the Bitcoin ETF. But much like the Bitcoin Future, which I spoke about previously, there’s a […]

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Adam Tracy Discusses Initial Coin Offerings & Money Transmitter Law

Adam Tracy Discusses the Intersection between Initial Coin Offerings & State Money Transmitter Law

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So for some time, uh, FinCEN had broken down the crypto space into users, administrators and exchangers. And users, as the name would apply, were people who use cryptocurrency, and FinCEN had- had deemed users to never be acting as money service businesses, money transmitters. Administrators were the issuers of crypto currency, […]

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