Adam Tracy Explains OFAC Compliance in Cryptocurrency

OFAC Compliance & Digital Currency

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, question that I get a lot is, do I need to do KYC, AML with respect to an initial coin offering, or security token offering, or initial exchange offering? Some kind of token offering. And there’s a huge emphasis, right, on that. And the question of whether or not you have […]

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Adam Tracy Explains Bitcoin Swaps

Adam S. Tracy Discusses the Legalities of Bitcoin Swaps

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, Bitcoin, the Futures are gaining acceptance. You start to see, starting to see the volume for Bitcoin Futures go up. And you see a lot more groups such as, like, LedgerX attempting to become fervor participants in Bitcoin Futures and Bitcoin commodities. But one commodity that is a huge part of the […]

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Adam S. Tracy Explains the Vanuatu Cryptocurrency License

Adam S. Tracy Discusses the Vanuatu Securities License & Cryptocurrency

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, Vanuatu, after long dismissing crypto, uh, for in its financial services realm, has finally allowed a crypto based broker dealer to, uh, become licensed, and that’s significant for a number of reasons. One, Vanuatu’s always been sort of this, um, solid offshore financial services destination. And the financial dealers license that, […]

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