Adam Tracy Discusses the Impact of Brexit and Offshore Gaming Licenses

Transcribed from: So, Brexit finally passed, and the details haven’t really been worked out, but it’s an interesting problem, right? It forms this postulate, and one of the great things about the EU is the passporting of licenses, which I’ve talked about before, right? And that’s the ability to license in one jurisdiction and […]

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Adam Tracy Explains Offshore Gaming Licenses & US Law

Transcribed from: So you want to go off-shore with a gaming license, and there’s a lot of great locales to start this from, ranging from the very easy and cost-effective in like a Costa Rica to the more established and more, I guess, respected locales of Alderney, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and places like […]

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Adam Tracy Decodes Offshore Economic Substance

Transcribed from: Economic substance rules have made the offshore landscape a bit more costly and a bit more complicated. And what does that entail? Economic substance is broken down into two points: relevant entities and relevant activities. Relevant entities are basically any non-local offshore entity. And for purposes of this discussion, we’re really focusing […]

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