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The online affiliate marketing industry is a virtual minefield of unforeseen legal and compliance issues that create instability in the most advanced programs. In today’s quixotic regulatory environment, the line between aggressive marketing and lawful practices can be unclear. Since the early days of the affiliate marketing industry, affiliate marketing consultant Adam S. Tracy has been at the forefront of affiliate marketing law, regulatory compliance and operational best practices, having represented countless online merchants, affiliates, CPA networks, publishers, data purveyors and lead generators.

Online promotion and marketing bring with it a morass of advanced compliance, legal and operational issues. Affiliate marketing consultant Adam Tracy is well acquainted with marketing and related communications, behavioral and advanced intelligence advertising, CAN-SPAM, behavioral advertising, lead scrubbing and shaving, online privacy, trademarks, and the specific knowledge of how these factors apply to online businesses and promotions. As an affiliate marketing attorney and consultant, Adam S. Tracy has served various verticals, including nutraceuticals, weight loss products, consumer credit, adult entertainment, online dating and more.

Areas Of

  • Affiliate marketing program design and structuring.
  • Minimizing affiliate and click fraud.
  • Collections and related issues.
  • Email and spam marketing programs and lawsuit mitigation.
  • Designing risk mitigation strategies and indemnification situations.
  • Representation before state and federal regulators.
  • Limiting the risk of advertisers or affiliates circumventing a network.
  • Text message marketing compliance.

Clients We Serve

Experienced as an affiliated marketing attorney, industry consultant and growth hacker, Adam Tracy has specific experience with:

Affiliate Marketing

Structuring cost-effective, compliant affiliate marketing programs. Providing ongoing compliance support.

Online Merchants

Connecting ecommerce merchants with affiliate marketers. Design and structure affiliate programs for online merchants.

CPA Networks

Connecting advertisers and affiliates by structuring compliant CPA networks.

Lead Generators

Creating and offering ongoing compliance support to lead generation programs

Data Brokers

Representing data purveyors and brokers in a wide range of operational and compliance matters.


Connecting content providers with affiliate marketing and affiliates.


Your affiliate marketing or eCommerce business demands a skilled high risk industry expert in your corner at all times. Connect with the “Entrepreneur’s Accelerator” – affiliate marketing expert consultant Adam S. Tracy to begin the process of mitigating risk while enhancing the bottom line. Call (213) 534-8656 for your free consultation today or contact us here.

  • Represented affiliate marketers before state and federal regulators
  • Advised multiple affiliate networks regarding email, text and spam marketing
  • Developed and structured numerous compliant affiliate marketing programs
  • Created global affiliate network for high risk vertical
  • Advised largest adult affiliate network on marketing and compliance matters

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