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Individuals and businesses engaged in eCommerce face a fragmented patchwork of disparate ecommerce laws, rules, regulations and statutes that create a virtual minefield for the unwary online seller. This patchwork affects not only virtual storefronts, but also merchants maintaining a presence on popular selling marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay or social media.  In addition, while every eCommerce business must adhere to the overriding general laws governing any traditional brick and mortar business, operators are faced with even greater compliance burdens such as the Can-SPAM Act, Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act and more. In fact, eCommerce entrepreneurs and promoters most often discover that the nature of their online operations impact not only eCommerce laws, but virtually all areas of law, including intellectual property disputes and protection, privacy and data security, and Federal Trade Commission compliance. As a veteran eCommerce industry expert, Adam Tracy is uniquely aware of these operational pitfalls.

Experienced as an eCommerce lawyer, digital marketer and growth hacker, Adam S. Tracy brings over twenty years of compliance, legal, marketing  and operational experience in the eCommerce arena. During that time, eCommerce consultant Adam Tracy has worked with countless eCommerce merchants, product marketers and affiliate networks on a seemingly never-ending range of matters, including affiliate sales and marketing programs, contract negotiation, domain and cybersquatting disputes, re-platforming and more. Adam Tracy is a trusted asset for greater monetization of eCommerce activities, brand protection and enhancing compliant marketing programs online.

Areas Of

  • Development of compliant advertising and marketing programs.
  • Origination of data security policies and procedures.
  • Resolution of domain name or cybersquatting disputes.
  • Development of affiliate sales and marketing programs.
  • Identifying high risk merchant service providers and banking.
  • Protection of brand indicia, including Digital Millennium Copyright Act protections.
  • Development of asset protection and lawsuit prevention strategies.
  • Representation before the Federal Trade Commission and State Attorney Generals.
  • Negotiation and development of affiliate, distributor and licensing agreements.
  • Resolution payment provider disputes, including hold-backs and chargebacks.
  • Introduction to offshore wholesalers and service providers.

Clients We Serve

Experienced as an eCommerce lawyer, growth hacker, and eCommerce consultant, Adam Tracy represents a variety of industry participants, including:

Stand-Alone Merchants

Providing compliance, legal and operational guidance to online merchants.

Amazon & Ebay

Providing compliance, legal and operational guidance to platform sellers.

Affiliate Marketers

Developing and structuring compliant affiliate marketing programs for online merchants.

Sweepstakes & Promotion

Advising online merchants on structuring compliant sweepstakes and promotional programs.

Payment Processors

Advising online merchants and payment service providers on a wide range of compliance matters.

High Risk

Representing online merchants in traditional high risk industries including adult, pharma, cannabis and more


Your eCommerce business demands a skilled high risk industry expert in your corner at all times. Connect with the “Entrepreneur’s Accelerator” – eCommerce expert consultant Adam S. Tracy to begin the process of mitigating risk while enhancing the bottom line. Call (213) 534-8656 for your free consultation today or contact us here.

  • Represented “daily deal” online retailer in $10 million asset sale.
  • Advised top 100 Amazon seller on merchant processor payment dispute.
  • Developed and structured affiliate network for major online content provider.
  • Identified numerous high risk payment processing and banking solutions.
  • Acted as Chief Financial Officer to leading high risk eCommerce platform.

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