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Nutritional supplements, or nutraceuticals, refer to dietary or herbal-bases supplements, for uses including weight loss, memory and focus enhancers, and sports nutrition. The production, marketing and sale of nutraceuticals implicates a complex web of regulation from various levels of state and federal government. An expert in the nutraceutical field, nutraceutical consultant Adam S. Tracy seamlessly guides each client through the morass of burdensome guidelines and regulation to enhance each client’s bottom line. With experience as a nutraceutical lawyer and entrepreneur, Adam Tracy offers guidance relating to the nutraceutical regulations, including advertising, labeling and maintaining scientific substantiation requirements for each client’s products.

The Food and Drug Administration actively pursues the manufacturers of nutraceuticals that it deems unsafe, while the Federal Trade Commission is extremely aggressive when confronting all parties in the supply chain – including marketers, for misleading or incomplete advertising. Nutraceutical consultant Adam Tracy brings years of experience to each client engagement with respect to aspects of advertising, labeling and scientific substantiation for nutraceuticals. He keeps abreast of these constantly changing parameters to ensure compliance and protect each client’s supply chain.  Accordingly, it is paramount for those engaged in the sale or promotion of nutraceuticals and supplements to obtain an experienced, professional review by an nutraceutical consultant of their product, payment procedures and marketing. Nutraceutical industry growth hacker and risk consultant Adam Tracy offers turnkey solutions to both startups and established industry participants.

Areas Of

  • Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration compliance.
  • Advertising and marketing material development and compliance.
  • Representation before the FDA, FTC and State Attorney Generals.
  • Operational support in the areas of advertising, affiliate marketing, and product sourcing.
  • Payments and banking introductions.
  • Review of product claims and research regarding scientific studies.
  • Development of reseller and third-party marketing relationships and agreements.
  • Billing practice compliance, including rebilling and continuity billing.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Dealmaking and retail partner introductions.
  • Expert witness.

Clients We Serve

As a nutraceutical consultant and nutraceutical lawyer, Adam S. Tracy has represented a wide variety of industry participants, including:


Advising nutraceutical manufacturers on a wide range of matters including scientific substantiation.


Consulting retailers and wholesalers on nutraceutical regulation and compliant business practices.

Weight Loss & Sports Nutrition

Developing compliant labeling and marketing for weight loss and sports nutrition manufacturers and wholesalers.

Affiliate Marketers

Representing affiliate marketers and CPA networks on compliant nutraceutical marketing practices.

Payment Services

Representing payment service providers and advising nutraceutical companies on compliant billing practices.

Memory & Focus Nutrition

Developing compliant labeling and marketing for performance enchancement manufacturers and wholesalers.


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  • Represented international nutraceutical company competitor acquisition
  • Advised multiple nutraceutical retailers on FDA & FTC compliance procedures
  • Developed and structured compliant affiliate marketing programs for nutraceuticals
  • Acted as Chief Marketing Officer to multiple early stage product manufacturers
  • Provided ongoing guidance to multiple large retailers regarding television and digital marketing programs

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