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Telemarketing consultant Adam S. Tracy represents telemarketers, sellers, dialer vendors and lead generators across a wide swath of operational and regulatory matters. Experienced as a telemarketing lawyer and consultant, his cross-disciplinary expertise with telemarketing laws and operations provides him with unique insight. Adam Tracy advocates on behalf of each client to increase sales and mitigate risk while not compromising operational efficiency and the bottom line. Adam Tracy collaborates and partners with each call center client to develop lean solutions to solve the most complex of compliance, legal and operational problems.

Both direct and indirect participants in the telemarketing industry are under assault from a myriad of new state and federal legislation designed to cripple the industry as a whole. Without question, the regulatory attack on telemarketers and related businesses such as payment processing, requires the steady guidance of an experienced industry professional. Telemarketing consultant Adam Tracy comprehends the rising tide of regulation and keeps abreast of the latest changes in order to stem that tide for each of his clients. Moreover, as a growth hacker to the telemarketing industry, he focuses solely on enhancing the bottom line. Whether onshore, offshore, or near shore, Adam S. Tracy develops value-add solutions uniquely tailored to each telemarketing industry engagement.

Areas Of

  • Telemarketing license and registration.
  • Adjudicating telemarketing fines and civil penalties.
  • Identifying mandatory disclosures, prohibited statements and cancellation rights.
  • Do-Not-Call registry compliance.
  • Business-to-Business Telemarketing.
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) compliance.
  • Responding to State Attorney General and FTC investigations.
  • Autodialer programs and compliance.
  • Compliance initiatives such as script development.
  • Identifying and negotiating operational partnerships.

Clients We Serve

Telemarketing Entrepreneur Adam S. Tracy Provides Compliance & Operations Support to Telemarketers & Call Centers Worldwide.


B2C Telemarketing & Call Center Compliance Solutions


Offshore Call Center Introductions, Compliance & Formation

Debt Settlement & Credit Repair

Compliance Solutions for Debt Settlement & Credit Repair Rooms


B2B Telemarketing & Call Center Regulation

Debt Collection

Debt Collection Agency Licensing & Compliance


Telemarketing Solutions for MLM/Business Opportunity Programs


Your telemarketing business demands a skilled high risk industry expert in your corner at all times. Connect with the “Entrepreneur’s Accelerator” – telemarketing industry expert consultant Adam S. Tracy to begin the process of mitigating risk while enhancing the bottom line. Call (213) 534-8656 for your free consultation today or contact us here.

  • Represented one of nation’s largest debt settlement companies.
  • Advised multiple entities regarding FTC and State level investigations
  • Developed and managed multiple high risk calling programs
  • Developed and structured compliant telemarketing programs
  • Structured Multiple TCPA Compliance Programs
  • Represented Debt Collection Agencies in Licensing Matters
  • Structured and managed multiple 100+ seat call centers

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